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Gary brings an incredible depth of knowledge to his work. You could not hire a better landscaping designer/architect for your home or business - he is the best!

Ted Lyons



Gardening can be a relaxing, serene and a peaceful pass time to unwind, reduce stress and get your endorphins flowing as you exhale from busy week. But, when you are as busy as a bee and have little time to care for your garden, you can call on the horticulturists of Bloomfield Land & Plants. We have over 20 years in garden maintenance experience. We offer garden design and maintenance services for those who want the benefits of a garden but do not have as much time as they would like to dedicate to making their tranquil space all that it could be. Let us maintain your garden so that you have more time to enjoy it. Where the lawn ends and the garden begins is where Bloomfield Land & Plants shines!

Brick Pavers & Walks

Custom pathways evoke a charm that is unparalleled. These walkways installed at your home or business will be impressive yet inviting as they lead visitors inward into your grounds. There are a plethora of stone materials and colors to select from as you build your dream pathway, and because of our years of experience in the industry, Bloomfield Land & Plants professionals can assist you in selecting the best materials to produce the best results. You can count on us to analyze the space and to install an attractive yet durable design. Because of our years of experience, we know best what works and what will not for your grounds. We want your landscape to be a destination of beauty. We want you to be the talk of the town when you entertain your family and friends, and a custom paver will surely get you off to a good start. You can rely on the professionals of Bloomfield Land & Plants to design and to install your walkway with quality materials – materials that are beautiful and that will stand up to all-season weather and traffic.

Landscape Maintenance

With our education and experience, you want horticulturists like Bloomfield Land & Plants tending to your grounds to ensure your plants stay robust and healthy. We do not mow your lawn but we focus our skills on the more complex areas of your landscaping. Our Landscape Maintenance program includes but is not limited to: - Regular check ups of your shrubs and plants to ensure they are healthy guarded against insects and seasonal elements. - Pruning and Trimming - Correcting issues with growth and vitality of your plants - Spring & Fall Clean Up - Managing weeds and other intruders

Landscape Design

Our landscape design services involves conceptualizing a look that is going to improve your property’s appeal from the curb as well as up close. We not only concern ourselves with your landscape being beautiful, but we address issues such as drainage, soil amendment and exposure to select the best qualified and quality plant material suited to your unique site. We will work with you to make you landscape dreams come true. We have the skills to do the job right. Our team has studied horticulture, including Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University. We have been in existence for more than 20 years. We are skilled to focus on the beauty and vitality of your grounds. We handle projects large or small. We handle full landscape redesign but we also understand that some properties may be in need of just tiny touch ups. Either way, we have you covered; and you will benefit from bringing us on board as your partners in this phase of property improvement.

Lighting Design

Soften your property’s edifice with energy efficient garden lights. These landscape lamps will accentuate any landscape and garden design. The Bloomfield Land & Plants team can handle the electrical and every aspect of installation. We are specialists in adding these lights to your design scheme for the sake of style and safety at your home or business.

Renovation Landscaping

So you can’t see the forest for those big ugly trees on your property? Bloomfield Land & Plants will take on the job. We analyze the situation of your outdoor living space and we work with you to decide what changes can be made in order to make things more inviting, more functional and appealing. Landscape renovation works well with “mature homes.” Our design team will do what it takes to update your landscape design and bring it back to life.

Spring / Fall Cleanup

Bloomfield Land & Plants can handle your outdoor spring cleaning and clear your grounds of mother nature’s debris when the season brings falling leaves. Even in the off season, we can continue to take care of your grounds. We can help you protect your plants from changing weather and we will use care in clearing your beds of debris. We offer competitive prices on Spring and Fall clean up so that you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape and garden year round.

Retaining Walls & Timbers

With retaining walls and timbers you can accentuate your landscaping with special effects, giving your grounds the look and style that you desire. Timbers can add height and dimension to your garden. Retaining walls promote privacy and set apart areas of your outdoor living space. With the construction of these, you do not want wobbly construction and poor workmanship. Bloomfield Land & Plants professionals have the skill to the erect both quickly and accurately. We give you our consul on which materials to use and the most favorable locations to install the materials. We will measure and dig the trenches deep enough to make sure your wall or timbers are sturdy and on foundation. Call us today. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to schedule an on-site consultation speak with you to tell you more about how these garden accents can add function and style to your outdoor space.



Bloomfield Land & Plants opened its doors in the Spring of 1990 with Founder & Owner Gary Eubanks at the helm.

Gary fell in love with horticulture when he was a young boy while working in his family’s business. That love for landscaping followed him into his teen and young adult years and led him to study horticulture at Michigan State University. There, he studied Landscape Architecture and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture.

From there, he worked as a distributor and as a buyer for companies such as Frank’s Nursery & Craft, helping to hone the know-how that he has today.

Bloomfield Land & Plants’ client roster includes owners of both newly-constructed and “mature” homes. Additionally, we service commercial real estate, such as our work as general contractor for the Alfred Taubman plaza in Oak Park, Michigan.

When you speak to our owner, you will find that he is passionate about his craft and simply fanatical about completing every project just right. You can call him a perfectionist about his workmanship, but it is a commitment to customer service that drives him day to day!